Photo credit: Leandra Blei Photography  

Photo credit: Leandra Blei Photography


I'm AMBER:) (RareBirdArt & Scatterbirdie)

I was born and raised in the Hill Country of Texas with short and memorable stints in Wyoming and Italy. My last decade has been spent mostly in the grand city of Austin, TX where I still keep a studio at Canopy on the Eastside. I am now enjoying getting back to my small town roots and reside in the La Grange, TX  area.  My studio assistants, Remy and Jameson, (two rescue pound puppies) are always willing to provide love and fur towards any creative endeavor. I did attend various art courses and training, but the majority of my methods are self-taught. The things that people often discard are the things I enjoy transforming and working with the most.

I adore reading and writing literature, but I prefer to mostly share my life through images, so feel free to follow my social media outlets:

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